The unusual night spent 6 meters up in the trees!

Do you feel like a unique experience? Do you want to give someone an unforgettable night with breakfast included?

You just bring whatever you need personally for the night and then you can instantly enjoy the environment.

For those of you who get vertigo but still want to try this experience, or for small families needing a secondary sleeping area, we can offer you a second tent suspended 1 metre above the ground, close to the tree tent.

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You want to know more about the tent?

It is suspended in the trees , the locality really lends itself to that.
6 Meters above solid ground, 1000 meters above sea level.

Leaning up against a large poplar tree, in the shade of a neighbouring pine tree, it is really discreet and the view from up there is truly unbeatable.

Perched at the top of a large Queyras larch wood staircase, the Pendola is a mixture of tree tent and panoramic balcony.

It is the masterpice created by a group of enthusiasts, craftsman carpenters and sky suspended dreamers...

It is waiting to welcome you for an unusual experience be it just for the night or a weekend.

The tent is located at the edge of the campsite, near the common areas.

  • Per night for 2 people: 90€ (breakfast included)

  • For the low Pendola, per night for 2 people: 50€
    Breakfast optional (10€/person)
You want details
You'll find...
  • Comfortable bedding for two people (mattress, duvet and pillows).
    The bed will be already made when you arrive!
  • Private panoramic balcony with small table and two chairs
  • Outside picnic table
  • Sanitation facilities nearby
  • Kitchen area nearby
  • Electricity nearby


You won't find...
  • Sanitation facilities...
    But they are only 100 meters away. They are the campsite sanitation facilities.
  • Electricity, so you can admire the moon and the stars (thick curtain can be drawn across)
  • A fully equiped kitchen...
    But you can use the communal shared kitchen area
  • encourage the good vibes...
    WiFi is available in the Reception area
  • A mini-bar
    We have good local beers for sale at Reception
  • Visitor's tax is not incuded in the price
    0.20 € /night / adult
    Paid by us to the local Guillestre authorities

Animals are not permitted in the tree tent