We are here to answer your questions

We try to be as available as possible to answer all your questions, especially when you're on the campsite.
This year we've been working on a new website which should provide you with all the information you need.
All the same , if you can't find the answers to your questions on the website or on the FAQs (below), contact us!

Camping La Cabane - Quartier La Cabane - 05600 SAINT CRÉPIN - FRANCE

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should we / Can we reserve in advance a pitch for our tent or our converted camper van?

    If you are planning to come here between July 10 and August 20 , it's better , especially if there are a few of you. That way we can guarantee to welcome you in the best conditions.
    Outside this busy period , you don't have to reserve as the campsite is big enough.

    Contact us by mail or telephone, and we'll register your request then you can pay the deposit for your stay to secure the reservation.

  • Do you have facilities for reduced mobility persons?

    Yes, of course! There are two traditional camping pitches not to mention a shower/ washbasin reserved entirely for reduced mobility persons.
    If we can organize special arrangements to make other campsite services available to you ( chalet reservations for example) we will do everything we can to make this possible.

    Contact us so, together, we can find solutions to suit your capacities

  • Is there access to electric sockets on every pitch?

    There are not individual electrical sockets for each pitch. But the campsite is equipped with numerous electrical sockets so you can hook up to the electricity network.
    So bring a 40 meter extension cord and a European adaptor if you want to pitch in the most discreet parts of the campsite.

  • Are we allowed to barbecue?

    Yes but not just everywhere..and not just anytime. Ground fires are forbidden; We ask you to avoid lighting barbecues when it's windy or under the trees since the campsite is in the middle of a pine forest.
    But when conditions permit, barbecues are allowed and available ; wood charcoal is for sale at the grocery store.

    The rented accommodations (trapper tents, large and small chalets, yurts), are all equipped with wood charcoal barbecues.

  • Can we swim in the Durance river?

    The river Durance is a mountain river. It rises in Spring when the snow melts, and falls at the end of the season.
    Swimming in the riverbed is not recommended and is very risky.

    However, just a few hundred metres from the campsite, it's possible to splash around in calmer waters.

  • Are animals allowed?

    Wild animals, yes! Ils sont dans la nature et nous profitons ainsi de leur présence!
    Nous acceptons les chiens et chats sous réserve qu'ils soient vaccinés, éduqués, tenus en laisse dans l'enceinte du camping et que les déjections soient ramassées.

    Les chiens qui aboient à longueur de journée ne sont pas admis pour le confort de tous.

  • Can we cook inside the yurts, trapper tents or tree tents?

    We provide these accommodations so you can rest comfortably. They are not equipped with inside kitchens.
    ....but we have thought of everything! A communal area , shared and self managed where you'll find eveything you need to cook with: tableware; pots and pans, cookers and fridges.

    We expect you to look after all this as if you were in your own home...and this way you don't have to bring pans and meals with you.

  • What facilities are there in the sanitation blocks?

    There is a mixed gender sanitation block and another with separate male and female sanitary facilities. All sanitation blocks have hot water, unlimited yes, but to be used with a developed ecological conscience which we trust everyone has!
    There are toilet cubicles, showers and "Turkish" toilets; on the other hand we don't provide toilet paper.

  • What dates is the campsite open?

    This year we open 25th April 2021. We plan to close mid October.
    La date de fermeture n'est pas fixée de manière définitive car cela dépend des conditions météorologiques et de la température.
    Sometimes we enjoy an Indian summer with superb Autumn colours and beautiful not too chilly nights!

  • What are the terms of cancellation?

    A deposit equivalent to 30 percent of the total price is required to guarantee the reservation.

    • In the event of cancellation more than 30 days before the start of the reservation, the deposit will be totally reimbursed, by cheque or bank transfer.
    • ECancellation between 29 and 15 days before the start of the reservation : the deposit will be reimbursed in the form of a voucher, which is valid for 18 months.
    • Cancellation less than 14 days before the start of the reservation : the deposit will be witheld in its totality.

    We expect the user to take out cancellation insurance if he /she deems necessary. You can check out the site Campez-couvert ( camping covered) to insure your stay.

    The Campsite management reserves the right to terminate the rental contract if users do not respect the campsite regulations. And in this case users will in no way be reimbursed or provided with a voucher.

  • What is the price for two people + a tent + a car?

    Total price per night is 17.50€ ( 5.50 x 2 + 6.10 + 0.20 x 2)